In April 2019, over 400 skincare brands were mentioned across online, print and social media for UK and Ireland.

In this week’s report, we look at the PR performance for the skincare category in the UK and Ireland.

The skincare category includes face, hand, foot, body and baby care in addition to medicated, skin treatments, lip salves, skincare hardware and gift packs.

We analysed the Y-O-Y brand progression for the month of April in terms of organic PR and Gifted coverage. We collected data and applied key metrics such as Earn Media Value (EMV),  PR mentions and social reach for brands, retailers and influencers.

In April 2019, face care was the most popular skincare category in the UK and Ireland. In our report, we will explore the products and social influencers behind this coverage. We also showcase the UK’s skincare product favourites from online, Instagram and YouTube.