Social Media and Influencer marketing is essential to beauty brand’s communication strategies…

This week’s report focuses on paid Social Influencer activity across YouTube and Instagram for beauty mentions (cosmetics, skincare, fragrance, haircare and toiletries) in December 2018 in the UK and Ireland. Paid for activity defines any product that clearly appears in the media due to a commercial agreement of some kind between a brand and Social Influencer or publication. This can either be categorised under advertising, paid for promotion and paid for advertorial.

We look at the December trends, highlighting which Social Influencers led the way in terms of mentions and social actions.

In recent years, we have increasingly seen beauty brands using the influence and power of Social Influencers more effectively. This report looks at examples of Social Influencer and beauty brand collaborations and how brands have all successfully integrated social media into their communications strategies.

This report also presents a case study of Imogen Hudson and her collaboration with Makeup Revolution.