On Tuesday 17th of September, in partnership with The Fragrance Foundation, we hosted the second Breakfast for Business Workshop.

The initiative Breakfast for Business consists of a number of insightful workshops covering a variety of Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing how-tos.

Our first one was about Influencer Marketing, whether this one was about Social Media Marketing Tips and Tricks.

Our International Marketing Manager Eleonora Rocca and Client Director Leonora Eckley lead the insightful presentation.

The session covered a range of different themes such as:

  • How to maximise your Brand Values and positioning through the main social channels
  • Storytelling and Content Strategy Techniques: how to create a story that sells and keeps your audience loyal to you
  • How to promote your business through Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn Advertising

Attendees had the opportunity to learn how to keep a competitive edge on Social media through successful Case Studies.

In addition to this, they could learn creative ways to inspire and motivate their audiences.

Lastly, it was not only a great space to refresh social media techniques but also to network with beauty industry leaders.

Breakfast for Business was a perfect opportunity to start off the day with an overview of the latest trends as well as on how a data-driven decision-making process can significantly improve Social Media Strategies within the Beauty space.

What our attendees said:

‘A great insight into the power of social media’

‘Very useful tips on how to improve our corporate social media’

‘The presenters were very engaging, and the case studies were insightful.’

We take the opportunity to, once again, thank the Fragrance Foundation for their support and Talk Global for hosting us.

Are you ready to join the next one? Email us at info@mymarketinsight.com or call us on +442088317570.